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What to expect from the process?
  • The parties initially meet with the Mediator to learn about the process and to reflect on their goals for a resolution. For some parties, the Mediator will recommend initial meetings with each party independently.
  • Goals can be related to parenting plans, child support, spousal support, division of assets and any other issues that the parties desire to have resolved.
  • Once each party‚Äôs goals are established and understanding is restored, the Mediator will facilitate a discovery phase where parties explore ways to reach their goals.
  • As part of the discovery phase, each party may be asked to disclose required information to the other party.
  • Once the parties have explored ways to reach goals and exchanged information, they are ready to negotiate a settlement.
  • The length and number of sessions required to complete a successful mediation varies greatly depending on the parties and the complexity of the issues.
  • If the parties reach an agreement in mediation, the terms will be memorialized in writing.
  • Once an agreement is reached, parties are strongly encouraged to have the agreement reviewed by independent legal counsel
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