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Why Mediation?

  • Mediation is a way to complete an entire divorce or separation without the financial and emotional cost of going to court.
  • Alternatively, mediation can be used to only mediate a specific issue of any size.
  • Mediation is time efficient.
  • The parties retain control to create a sustainable agreement that fit their specific set of need as opposed to relinquishing control to a judge.
  • There is a neutral third party present to help bridge understanding and create sustainable solutions to underlying issues.
  • The parties get to create their own schedule to mediate as opposed to be on the schedule of the court.
  • The process is confidential.
  • It benefits the children when the parties resolve conflict in a dignified and time effective manner.
  • When parties successfully mediate they often have an easier time communicating and upholding agreements in the future.

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